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A blog about music experiments, design, modular synthesizers, and life without presets.

My relationship with eurorack

We’re really happy to present you this first guest post on Horizontalpitch by Claude Aldous. Claude creates a very interesting print-only fanzine called Deft Esoterica. If you’re into exploratory, experimental sounds, I urge you to check it out here: deftesoterica.bandcamp.com. Together with his partner Ola he plays in an [...]


A Look Back and a Look Forward

We started this blog in 2015, on april 1st. It could have been an april fool, but our intent was actually pretty serious. We set out to create a magazine in blog form, that would provide the community with in-depth articles about making music with Eurorack modular systems and talk about artists who chose to […]


Modular Spaces pt.4: Focused Desks

In the previous instalments of Modular Spaces we’ve been looking at all sorts of places for musical creation: wardrobes, corners and even people’s workplaces. This time, it’s the most obvious location you can imagine: the desk. The two people featured in this article have one thing common: their desks are clean, minimal [...]