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Graphic designer, illustrator and soundmangler. He makes music as kurodama and as part of the electronic music duo kvsu. Together with his wife Elizabeth he runs Papernoise, a small design studio located in northern Italy, specialised in graphic design for the world of music.

Ten Albums

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of these “artist naming their 10 favourite albums” posts. I like those because there’s often something new for me to discover in them. It’s definitely not easy to boil down half a lifetime of music listenting to just 10 titles and doing so is likely a great excersise. It forces [...]


On Resonate

In the wake of Bandcamp’s acquisition by Epic Games, I decided to look at which other music publishing platforms are out there. Not that I think that the acquisition will necessarily be bad for Bandcamp. It might be of course, it wouldn’t be the first one. But it’s a bit early to tell. Still, I […]