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A blogzine about music experiments, design, modular synthesizers, and life without presets

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Open Modules for Open Minds Pt.3

<a href="http://www.horizontalpitch.com/2015/10/open-modules-for-open-minds-pt-3/" title="Open Modules for Open Minds Pt.3"><img class="alignnone wp-image-1363 size-medium" src="http://www.horizontalpitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/braids-edit-700x424.jpg" alt="braids-edit" width="700" height="424" /></a> Virtuous circles and [...]


Open Modules for Open Minds Pt.2

In the first part of Open Modules for Open Minds we have read about the reasons behind choosing an open source license, through interviews with Mutable Instruments, Monome, QuBit Electronix, Befaco, Rebel Technology, HackMe and Music Thing Modular. We’ll now look into how this licensing scheme and the related business model has [...]


From Monotron to Infinity

Life is full of coincidences. One day this album pops up in my Bandcamp feed. It’s an album called at the place, by an artist called infinite digits. Something seems familiar about the name, but for the moment I don’t give it much thought and just listen. The music catches my attention. It’s melodic and […]


Alternate Firmwares Addendum

We’ve already seen some alternate firmwares in the article Open Modules for Open Minds Pt.3, but in the meantime I was able to discover even more. Some of them are open source, some of them aren’t and some others are even reverse-engineered attempts to extend a module’s functionality. This is a quick update, just [...]


My relationship with eurorack

We’re really happy to present you this first guest post on Horizontalpitch by Claude Aldous. Claude creates a very interesting print-only fanzine called Deft Esoterica. If you’re into exploratory, experimental sounds, I urge you to check it out here: deftesoterica.bandcamp.com. Together with his partner Ola he plays in an [...]