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Blinking Lights 012: Mostly Music


This one has been sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time. Some of the things are more recent, some less.

A synth that is an actual self-contained instrument and avoids the usual piano-keyboard paradigm? Colour me interested!

And now some music!

A friend pointed me to this album (thanks Lijnenspel!). What really stands out here is the amount of distortion/saturation/overdrive that is being used in highly creative and sometimes unexpected ways.

Cool liveset by one of my favourite musicians lately.

BTW he’s also just released a new album.

Opener “Last Dance” is underlaid by a percussive metronome that skillfully gives the impression of stuttering and shuffling at the same time, while guest rapper Nappy Nina‘s seductively off-sync vocals contribute to the song’s dazed feel. Welcoming an expansive cast of musical cohorts into the mix, Nik Hummer provides drone-leaning modular synth support across the project […]


I’m not really into too abstract and mostly percussive music, but for some reason, I’m really loving this one:

This one has been out for a while, it had passed under my radar. Rupert Lally’s take on tape loops and childhood memories.

Last but not least. I’m not always a fan of ambient, but this one ticks a lot of boxes for me:


Graphic designer, illustrator and soundmangler. He makes music as kurodama and as part of the electronic music duo kvsu. Together with his wife Elizabeth he runs Papernoise, a small design studio located in northern Italy, specialised in graphic design for the world of music.

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  • Rupert Lally
    Posted on

    Rupert Lally Rupert Lally

    Reply Author

    Thanks for including Lost To The Past, Hannes! The König video is interesting – reminds me of the work Colossal Squid (who was the live drummer for Squarepusher for a while, I believe) does triggering electronics with his drum set and also Dan Mayo, who does really cool stuff running his drum kit through fx pedals and feedback etc. There’s plenty of vids of them on You Tube if you’ve not heard of them and I think you’d like them.

    • Hannes
      Posted on

      Hannes Hannes

      Reply Author

      You’re absolutely welcome! I love the album!
      And thanks a lot for the tips, definitely going to check them out now! Colossal Squid I do know, but not Dan Mayo, so thanks for the tip!

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