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Huge update: The Big Eurorack PSU List



First of all, let’s welcome our new collaborator John Loffink to Horizontalpitch. John has been updating our PSU list, merging it with one he was already maintaining, taking it to a whole new level. He didn’t just collect data from the manufacturer’s websites, he also took direct measurements himself and added a lot of specs that were previously missing. Also, thanks to John, we now have most powered cases in the list as well.

Two other projects by John worth checking out: www.microtonal-synthesis.com and www.wavemakers-synth.com

See here for the original article: The Big Eurorack PSU List

And here for the PSU list on Google Docs

Here’s a complete changelog:

Doeper DIY Kit 1/10/16 – updated details, no internal only switching version
Doepfer PSU2 1/10/16 – updated details, separated new unit to PSU3, added PSU3 line item
Synthrotek Deluxe Power 1/5/16 – confirmed switching
4ms ROW Power 30W 1/5/16 – type unknown, 1/6/16 note on type, AC & DC external lumps
4ms ROW Power 40W 1/5/16 – type unknown, 1/6/16 note on type, AC & DC external lumps
4ms mini power 1/5/16 – Deleted, not on web site
1/5/16 – added Intellijel TPS80W
Intellijel TPS80W 1/5/16 – switching, details.
Elby Designs ED126 1/5/16 – linear, 1/6/ 2016 updated details, price
Elby Designs ED111 1/5/16 – linear, 1/6/ 2016 updated details, price
Elby Designs ED122 1/5/16 – linear, 1/6/ 2016 updated details, price
TRACOPOWER – TXL 035-1212D 1/5/16 – switching
EOWAVE DIY PSU 1/10/16 – updated to switching, added details.
FC Power DIY 1/5/16 – Linear type, wall wart and regulator details in description
Acidlabs PSU module 1/5/16 – Linear type, wall wart info
HBB15 1.5 AG 1/5/16 – updated note for sources, description
Hinton Instruments PSUs 1/5/16 – added multiple details
MFOS Wallwart PSU 1/5/16 – added linear, regulator part numbers
MFOS LM317/LM337 Supply 1/5/16 – added linear
Erica Synths PSU 1/5/16 – updated linear, name, details
1/5/16 – Froze top row and two columns
1/6/16 – added Pittsburgh Cases
1/6/16 – Added Zeus Studio Bus, 1/10/16 updated detailes
1/9/16 – added Make Noise Skiff, 1/10/16 added measurements
1/9/16 – added 4ms cases
1/10/16 – added Monorocket cases
1/10/16 – added Goike cases
1/10/16 – added eowave case

Cover Photo by Elizabeth Busani


Graphic designer, illustrator and soundmangler. He makes music as kurodama and as part of the electronic music duo kvsu. Together with his wife Elizabeth he runs Papernoise, a small design studio located in northern Italy, specialised in graphic design for the world of music.