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Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space (MFOS) Has Cancer



As you probably know, we don’t usually write about news. The exception being news that touch us in an extraordinary way. This is the case here but unfortunately it’s not good news.

As already reported on other websites and blogs (like on Matrixsynth, Create Digital Music and Synthtopia), Ray Wilson, the father of Music From Outer Space, creator of numerous modular and non-modular synth designs like the Weird Sound Generator and central figure to the synth community, has cancer. Medical cures are very expensive, so the family have started a GoFundMe campaign.

Quoting from the GoFundMe page:

Because my parents are both self-employed, they pay for their own healthcare. They are not covered by any sort of employer-provided long term leave benefits. Currently they pay about $1500 per month for health insurance. Add to this baseline the array of tests, prescriptions, transportation, specialist visits, new dietary needs, and the general cost of living. It is very expensive to be sick.

These costs will soon outstrip savings for a rainy day; they will chip into reserves and eventually eat up their retirement funds. And my mother isn’t even 60 yet. I am extremely concerned, and therefore am turning to the generosity of the community and asking that you please consider helping in any way you can.

More info about what you can do to help Ray Wilson:

GoFundMe Page

Apparently you can also send money directly via Paypal, quoting from Matrixsynth:

For those that would prefer to donate to Ray’s family directly via Paypal I am told his Paypal address is info@musicfromouterspace.com. I just tried it and payment was successful. Remember, this goes towards helping his family, so be sure to send it as a personal payment vs. services and goods. Paypal fees should be less. If you are tight on cash you can always send a little now and more later if you get around to it. Every little bit helps and will add up if enough people contribute even just a small amount.



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