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The Big Eurorack PSU List, Update 3.0

An article to help you find the right PSU for your system


Attention: Please be aware that this list hasn’t been updated in a long time. Some of its content might be outdated and in general, anything that was released after 2016, is missing.

I’m keeping it here, because it might still be of some use. Many of the powering solutions listed are still available and some could still be viable choices.

If you’re looking to buy a PSU for your DIY case, or searching for a replacement, I might have some info for you!

UPDATE 1 (July 2015): the list has been updated with the Mean Well P50A13D-R1B, a more skiff- and beginner-friendly counterpart to the popular RT-65B that comes as an external power brick with 5-pin DIN connector.

UPDATE 2 (September 2015): the list has been updated with the Synthrotek Deluxe Power.

UPDATE 3 (January 2016) lots of new info added by John Loffink, see end of article for a complete changelog.

First, a little background

In the past I have been repeatedly doing some research to find the most appropriate power supply solution for my eurorack modular. While on the search, I collected all of my findings in this thread over at the Mutable Instruments Forums and later also on Muff Wiggler. The list started to grow thanks to other forum member’s contributions and suggestions, turning what started as a simple discussion, into a long list of possible choices.

To make this list accessible for everyone I decided to collect all this info into an online document, which can be accessed through the link at the end. Despite this list being pretty long, I’m sure there’s probably even more solutions out there, so please feel free to add links and specs in the comments

Some general thoughts and guidelines

  1. If you’re not very experienced, please avoid anything that will involve mains voltages (remember it’s up to 230V, depending on where you live). PSUs like the Meanwell RT-65B need to be connected directly to mains, which can be a risky thing if you’re not sure what you’re doing. There’s safer PSUs out there, which will work with external 12-15V power bricks.
  2. If you search online, you’ll find a lot of people arguing over switching vs. linear PSUs. To make the long story short, the main advantage of linear is that it delivers a more stable current, the advantage of switching is low heat dispersion and better efficiency. There’s a couple of really good switching PSUs out there, like the aforementioned Meanwell, but there’s also some pretty bad ones, so be careful when choosing. The side effects of a bad switching PSU can be ripple noise and high minimum load requirements. If the minimum load is not met, this might result in modules going crazy, especially digital ones . To work around this problem, some PSUs like the Tip Top uZeus will let you add some resistance to the circuit, so it will work even if you only have a handful of modules to power. Others, like the Tracopower one I’ve tested, won’t. So check the specs before buying.

Which PSU type is good for me?

First of all, let’s see what the main types for modular cases are:

  1. Self-enclosed switching PSUs (e.g. Meanwell RT-65B), these need to be connected to the mains directly
  2. Self-enclosed linear PSUs (e.g. Doepfer PSU2), these need to be connected to the mains directly
  3. PSUs with external power bricks (e.g. Tip Top uZeus)
  4. other types of PSUs (e.g. Elby Designs ED126), including power distribution boards with built-in PSUs

Which type of PSU is right for you might depend on many factors, but here’s some suggestions:

The big PSU list

The Big Eurorack PSU List on Google Docs


Update 3 – January 2016

Doeper DIY Kit 1/10/16 – updated details, no internal only switching version
Doepfer PSU2 1/10/16 – updated details, separated new unit to PSU3, added PSU3 line item
Synthrotek Deluxe Power 1/5/16 – confirmed switching
4ms ROW Power 30W 1/5/16 – type unknown, 1/6/16 note on type, AC & DC external lumps
4ms ROW Power 40W 1/5/16 – type unknown, 1/6/16 note on type, AC & DC external lumps
4ms mini power 1/5/16 – Deleted, not on web site
1/5/16 – added Intellijel TPS80W
Intellijel TPS80W 1/5/16 – switching, details.
Elby Designs ED126 1/5/16 – linear, 1/6/ 2016 updated details, price
Elby Designs ED111 1/5/16 – linear, 1/6/ 2016 updated details, price
Elby Designs ED122 1/5/16 – linear, 1/6/ 2016 updated details, price
TRACOPOWER – TXL 035-1212D 1/5/16 – switching
EOWAVE DIY PSU 1/10/16 – updated to switching, added details.
FC Power DIY 1/5/16 – Linear type, wall wart and regulator details in description
Acidlabs PSU module 1/5/16 – Linear type, wall wart info
HBB15 1.5 AG 1/5/16 – updated note for sources, description
Hinton Instruments PSUs 1/5/16 – added multiple details
MFOS Wallwart PSU 1/5/16 – added linear, regulator part numbers
MFOS LM317/LM337 Supply 1/5/16 – added linear
Erica Synths PSU 1/5/16 – updated linear, name, details
1/5/16 – Froze top row and two columns
1/6/16 – added Pittsburgh Cases
1/6/16 – Added Zeus Studio Bus, 1/10/16 updated detailes
1/9/16 – added Make Noise Skiff, 1/10/16 added measurements
1/9/16 – added 4ms cases
1/10/16 – added Monorocket cases
1/10/16 – added Goike cases
1/10/16 – added eowave case

Thanks to all Mutable Instruments and Muff Wiggler forum members who have contributed to this list with their findings and feedbacks! Thanks for John Loffink for taking this list to a whole new level of completeness!

Cover photo by Elizabeth Busani


Graphic designer, illustrator and soundmangler. He makes music as kurodama and as part of the electronic music duo kvsu. Together with his wife Elizabeth he runs Papernoise, a small design studio located in northern Italy, specialised in graphic design for the world of music.