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The Modular Sound

You’ve all probably seen it by now, Behringer has jumped into the synth market and is about to release a polyphonic analogue keyboard synth. This would be a totally unrelated story, if not for one sentence by Richard Devine, who, in the first teaser video, describes this new synth with the words: “It sounds very [...]


Scanning Through The Waves

Cover photo by Ian Wallman If you’ve never heard about Scanner then you’ve probably been spending the last 20 years on the un-illuminated side of a far away planet listening to … well … basically nothing. Calling him prolific and multi-talented is almost an understatement. Since the beginning of his career he’s released [...]


Tune your patchcables to strings

“I improvise when I play on my own, so I see where the patch I have made takes me,” says Stefan Paul Goetsch from his home studio in Berlin. Far from being an uncommon utterance among the modular crowd, whether it be jamming at home or taking a portable modular system to a live venue, this sentence has a certain gravitas [...]


Chosen Waves 008: Moritz – Elephants

You probably heard the name Moritz Scharf already. If not, you most certainly heard about Endorphin.es, the makers of the Futrhrrrr Generator, the Shuttle Control and the Terminal. Moritz is one of the two guys who run Endorphin.es, but he’s also a prolific and talented musician. It’s not a rare thing to find that somebody [...]


Chosen Waves 007: Nedemo – Phonogene

Nedemo by Gohan Tapes Gohantapes is a Japanese Tape-based music label and “collaboration enabling collective” (as they state on their website). Their second release Nedemo is described as: […] the year long collaboration of two British guys who live at opposite ends of Japan. Ally Mobbs, a beat making finger wizard based in [...]


Chosen Waves 006: Rupert Lally – Day One

Day One by Rupert Lally Rupert Lally is a British musician, who lives in Switzerland. He’s been around for quite a while producing several albums solo and in collaboration with Norway-based Espen J.Jörgensen. His new album Day One was released on Bandcamp on 15.01.2016, and will be featured in a CiTR broadcast on 17.01.2016, at [...]