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General articles about eurorack and modulars

Music Furniture

Recently – through a discussion on the online forum llllllll – I found out about various appearances of modular synths in adverts for Swedish furniture company Ikea. Credit go to users xmacex and Knivtid, who provided the photos and most of the intel. Now, this is interesting for various reasons. It’s a clear sign that […]


Synth Design Podcast

I was recently inerviewed by the Synthux Academy podcast about my work as a Eurorack Frontpanel Interface Designer. If listening to me rambling for an hour about frontpanels, interface design and how we created the front-facing part of Mutable Instruments’ Beads and Hexinverter’s Minphaser, sounds intriguing to you, then [...]


The Modular Sound

You’ve all probably seen it by now, Behringer has jumped into the synth market and is about to release a polyphonic analogue keyboard synth. This would be a totally unrelated story, if not for one sentence by Richard Devine, who, in the first teaser video, describes this new synth with the words: “It sounds very […]


Alternate Firmwares Addendum

We’ve already seen some alternate firmwares in the article Open Modules for Open Minds Pt.3, but in the meantime I was able to discover even more. Some of them are open source, some of them aren’t and some others are even reverse-engineered attempts to extend a module’s functionality. This is a quick update, just [...]