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Entrepreneurial spirit, MIDI buff and self-proclaimed polymath. Claims to do more work than is humanely possible, but in reality spends his time perusing prose.

Tune your patchcables to strings

“I improvise when I play on my own, so I see where the patch I have made takes me,” says Stefan Paul Goetsch from his home studio in Berlin. Far from being an uncommon utterance among the modular crowd, whether it be jamming at home or taking a portable modular system to a live venue, this sentence has a certain gravitas [...]


Big Fish, Little Fish

By now you are bound to have heard all the hype created around Roland reentering the world of modulars with their presentation of a supposedly Eurorack-type line of modules in the upcoming Messe 2015. Regardless if you spontaneously aligned yourself in the yay or the nay crowd, the pressing question that should trouble modular users and [...]