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Cover Photo, Summer 2015



What I Am Made Of by Elizabeth Busani.

When we defined the main concept behind Horizontalpitch, the main idea was to make something closer to a magazine, than to a blog. For this reason, we really like the idea of having a cover that changes periodically.

This new cover photo comes from Elizabeth Busani, who is an illustrator and photographer from Italy. While not making any music herself, she happened to marry a man affected by incurable modularitis, and hence came into contact with the wonderful world of Eurorack.  You can see more of her work clicking on the links below:



You can submit your own pictures if you want, if we like them, we might publish them as the next cover!

Graphic designer, illustrator and modular synth enthusiast. Founder of Papernoise, a small design studio located in northern Italy, specialised in graphic design for the world of music.

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  • Konstantine
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    Konstantine Konstantine

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    “While not making any music herself, she happened to marry a man affected by incurable modularitis”

    Shouldn’t the title be, “what my hubby is made of” in that case? Good news: according to Hindu folklore we are all made of sound-waves. Waves being the essence of everything is also backed up by 20th century physics (in a very partial way I should point out) . So HP is about everyone whether they realize it or not!